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This is me.

About Me

My Background


Being an artist has been a part of my blood since ever I can remember. A 4-year-old, scribbling pants onto a figure on paper, thinking, "THIS is it for me." An elementary kid, awkward and quiet; sketching, sketching, sketching - through ALL of my classes. A high school student, yearning for the time of day when I could take my pencil, paints or charcoal out and create.

Educated through the DARTT (Digital Arts & Technology Training Institute) through CD-ED (2009-2010), I received a diploma in Graphic Design. Since then, I've worked in numerous print shops and as a freelancer.

Currently, I am freelancing (a majority of my work centers around digital billboard design for a Canadian company) and am the owner of

I've also written and illustrated the book "You'll Do Big Things", which is licensed to Kepler Academy in Edmonton, Alberta; and have also recently completed another similar project for an individual who needed book illustration.

My Medium


I am a digital artist through and through, by now. I do love getting messy with tangible stuff everyone once in a while, but my main squeeze has to be my iPad and ProCreate for all my illustrations. I also use Adobe programs (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign) for my work.

My Inspiration


I take a lot of energy from nature, and the time I get alone or out of the ordinary further enhances this inspiration. I feel like I get all of my best ideas for illustration and design when I’m away from home; when I've got time to think. Plants and trees just do that. They're my medicine.

My Blog